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Europe and Mediterranean Yacht Charters

The Mediterranean Sea is the world’s most popular location for luxury yacht charter. The French and Italian Rivieras are absolutely chock-a-block each summer with some of the most spectacular yachts ever conceived. Marina slips in Antibes, Nice, St. Tropez, and Portofino are often booked a year or more in advance for the busiest times of the summer. This is where the glitterati, titans of industry, and world leaders choose to vacation each July and August.


And that’s just the beginning. Luxury yacht charter is continually expanding well beyond the heart of the West Mediterranean, offering plenty of cruising destinations for all kinds of experiences. In the East Mediterranean, there is luxury yacht charter available in Croatia, the Greek Isles, and the southwest coast of Turkey. In Spain, the Balearic Isles have become an often-sought destination for culture combined with discotheques. Scandinavia also offers a short charter season each summer, with yachts available everywhere from the islands off Sweden to the spectacular Norwegian fjords. There is even the occasional Northern Europe charter available nowadays, with stops in historic cities such as St. Petersburg, Russia.

Our experts at Yachtstore can help you choose the Mediterranean destination that best fits your idea of a dream vacation—as well as the best yachts within that destination to suit your personal preferences.

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