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Yacht Sales

Yachtstore maintains an active yacht sales division to assist luxury yacht charter clients who want to move into ownership, as well as individuals interested in purchasing superyachts. Our specialists are experts in new yacht construction as well as the brokerage yacht market. We can assist with buying or selling a yacht in any size range.

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Building a New Yacht

New yacht construction is available in production, semi-custom, and custom shipyards. Whether you want a production-line yacht built quickly or a custom superyacht built during the span of several years, our sales division is ready to help from concept to completion. We can help you find leading naval architects, interior designers, and project managers, all the while acting as your personal liaison to the shipyard itself.

Buying a Brokerage Yacht

Anyone seeking instant yacht ownership is ideally suited for the superyacht brokerage market. Luxury yachts of all sizes and styles are available, and our experts will help you navigate the negotiation process to your utmost financial benefit. Our inventory includes thousands of motoryachts, sailing yachts, and catamarans worldwide. We can arrange onboard tours, surveys, and sea trials at your request.

Selling a Yacht

Our sales division experts are well-versed in the superyacht brokerage market. We will help you get the best price for any yacht that you wish to sell, all the while making the sales process as easy for you as possible. We can arrange traditional deals, trades for other superyachts, or whatever other options you require. We represent you exclusively and work to benefit you above all others in the deal.

How Yachtstore Works for You

Yachtstore has offered global expertise in the luxury yacht charter and sales markets since 1995. Our specialists work in tandem to satisfy your every need, be it the purchase or sale of a yacht, or the charter of your yacht to potential buyers. Our 360-degree knowledge of the yachting market gives you security from every angle, and our global resources bring the entire yacht sales market to your doorstep.